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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 14, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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he says. the reason he supports this letter being sent to the governor next week. it asks for a phased program, not a total tear down. >> i think the governor knows what it comes down to. i think it's going to come down more than back and forth between d.o.t. and residents. >> reporter: an argument some locust residents hope bridges in impact. the áf. >> late today the baltimore city department of transportation responded to our story saying quote, we know it is a challenge but this bridge must be replaced. we will work with the community
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to tackle any problems. yes, football. football football football. what are we going to talk about? are we going to go to sheryl or not? no. we're going throw to don disco harryson. you know disco is doing a lot of good things other than eating from monte bros. sandwiches. >> here we are in the belly of the beast. pittsburgh people are here, hey -- >> what you doing. >> what do you think about the ravens? >> ravens suck. >> it's going to be a long day guys. it's a cold snowy day downtown. maybe a preview for tomorrow. this is the strip. pittsburgh's downtown area. it ain't no inner harbor but the steeler fans are out. >> it's my 21st year coming out here. i live in the bay area. silican valley, my name is ogman i've been coming out here for some years. >> i'm from baltimore, what do you think? >> that's okay man. baltimore you came. >> yeah. >> okay, root for your team
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then. i'm rooting for mine. >> reporter: everyone has an opinion here. >> ravens are going down. it'll be another one in the legacy of you know steeler domination. >> reporter: there's got to be some nice people downtown. this lady seems nice. i'm from baltimore. >> well -- >> that's all right. >> baltimore is a very lovely city. i enjoy visiting down there. but the football team is awful. we hate them. we just want dead birds all over the field. >> reporter: finally a raven. >> i'm here to visit my loverly girlfriend. go to the game and support my team. >> reporter: let's take a look at your girlfriend. what? what's going on with that man? >> i don't know, i found her at school. we go to maryland. >> reporter: we'll see how long that relationship lasts. it is downtown pittsburgh, it's gold and black. everywhere you look i can
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understand their passion. i'm getting sick of the gold and black, sometime for a little change in color. there you go. >> you suck. >> go back to baltimore. >> that's a common scene down here. >> here, here. >> it's a ravens jersey. i have to get out of here. don harrison down in pittsburgh for abc2. i feel borderline ill. i feel ill seeing all that gold and black. i couldn't even wear a black suit today. i didn't want the steelers black everyone though we have black too. tomorrow, we'll be watching it from here in baltimore, probably going to see some snow. they might get an inch or two there tomorrow. so that field could be white. frozen tundra, never above freezing tomorrow in pittsburgh. cold weather but kind of like the weather we want in kc last week. radar showing snow out there snow in western p. a. none the
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baltimore. 36 or so by midday, after a cold start we should make close to 40 in the afternoon. some spots will not make it there but we're trying to be optimistic all right. the celebration tomorrow night should look good as we celebrate that victory. all right, more on your weather for the mlk weekend coming up. for the first time we are seeing the sheriff's department in action last saturday as it became clear they had a mass shooting on their hands. >> reporter: the crackle of the police radio broke the news that would echo across the nation. >> several people down. >> reporter: 10:10 saturday morning, shots fired. >> there's a shooting at the safeway. >> customers have tackled the suspect. they are holding him down at the safeway. >> reporter: officers soon realize the attack was massive. >> there are multiple victims. we need a lot more help out
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here. >> we have at least seven or eight down. >> reporter: the shootings have made jared loughner a household name. this woman asks us thomas to -- asked us to mask her identity. >> he was very well mannered. a guy you would want your son to be friends with. >> in the bag appears to be ammunition and items from what described to us from a local wal-mart. >> reporter: investigators now believe it is the bag loughner's father told investigators he saw his son holding saturday morning. evidence he could help authorities discern what loughner was going that day and what led him to gun down 17 people on that safeway parking lot. one things police don't seem to have is a motive.
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and loughner is not talking. john hendrix, abc news, washington. the social media revolutionized how we stay in touch with friends. now retailers are luring in. and the new zodiac and what you are saying about the change, coming up.
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in tonight's consumer alert, you can chat there, you can make friends there and you can show your likes and dislikes. how many of facebook's half a billion users consider it a place to shop. the mobile apps become more intergrated into every day life, retailers are checking out ways to use social media for more than just offering coupons. >> reporter: think about the stores you like on facebook, follow on twitter or where you check in on four square. now expect those retailers to get even more socially in 2011 not just pushing out discounts but bringing customers like you closer in. learning your likes, dislikes
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and helping you shop online or from your cell phone. >> retail space better be filled up more with consumer comments than their own push type of communication. >> reporter: at the retail industry annual gathering, a hot topic popping into the interactive nature of facebook, twitter and the like to making shopping at small mom and pop shops and the like. that means making your shopping experience more personal and more local and especially more convenient. the pavement app for example enables a customer to browse a
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company's options and buy right there from facebook. have you checked your horoscope lately? the stars are just not aligned apparently. why the horoscope sign you may have been reading might not have been the right one after all. nothing like a little frostbite to offset the wedding day jitters. nothing could stop a new hampshire couple from tieing the knot, including a blizzard.
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well if you read your horoscope daily you might want to read the predictions for a different sign. the current zodiac is completely out of wack and
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your sign may not be the one you thought it was. here's our inez prai. >> i'm not, i'm not. that is wrong. >> reporter: some astronomers suggest the horoscope sign you might have been reading may not be the right one. >> i think that might explain a lot of things in my life for me, actually. >> reporter: astronomers at the minnesota planetarium society says that since the earth has rotated on its axis wheel, you may have another sign. a 13th sign named acupius has been added. >> i'm like, what?
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yeah, driving my crazy here. >> becoming an acupius has changed my destiny. >> reporter: not so fast, for years astronomers say they've known about the rotation and have taken that into account. my daily horoscope says a positive up swing is in my future. i'm sticking with this sign. inez faray. >> ocupus? huh. so you believe the old system or the new system? mills is right, i'm staying with the old, if it's not broken why fix it. and martin writes, i'm not switching my sign. just leave it alone. people shouldn't swear by it in the first place.
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in you would like to share your two cents just head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave us a comment. the storm in the east coast did not stop a new hampshire couple from tieing the knot. she must be cold. the couple has been dating for only a few months, and they decided to get married. he is about to be deployed and nothing will stand in the way. >> i vow to be the best friend, best husband i can. and i will be because i have you by my side. >> lynette is tearing up over there. for starters, james is doing it right to make sure lea was warming leaving city hall than
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she was going in. boy she looked cold. i'm tell you. >> man. you know where it's bitter. that western p. a. >> the wind comes right through the valleys and really just messes with your head. >> in fact, they've had snow up there today. more snow tomorrow. but maybe an inch or two possible or at least some snow showers for the game. and almost like green bay or something up there. >> it's a bleak place. >> let's show you how bleak. how bleak it is. you thought it was cold around here. look at this, harsh land. harsh land. >> i can smell it. >> you want to go in and leave with the wind and not go back for a good solid year, right. here's an hd cam from pittsburgh. as if it didn't look bad enough in standard definition. you see a few flakes blowing around. not here, sunny skies over
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baltimore. looking mighty fine around baltimore. one more stop, take you out to winterburg, virginia. there's plenty of snow up in the mountains these days. we're going to have a ski report. be sure to hang out for that. 31 below freezing at the airport. barometric pressure on the rise. all across the state it's cold. no questions about that, 20s and low 30s and the winds are still not dead. there's still a breeze blowing and you feel it. it's not the powerful winds of the last couple of days. right now as we look at those highs today. mid-30s to upper 30s. but most of us struggled to get above freezing. as of tomorrow we'll improve that. neighborhood forecast as you head out to do a little tailgating. head to your favorite pub to watch the game. we're talking about 30 in the inner harbor, upper 30s, a mix of clouds and sun. few clouds blowing in out of the west to be the. there's those snow showers out in western p.a.
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up into the western terrain there. a little more active with west lake effect snow. a little system dives out of canada tomorrow probably bringing more snow to three river. cold with high pressure in control just south of us. our futurecaster, you can see that system take a dive south ward at 5:00. we could see light snow up in the steel city for that. speaking of snow, let's see what the resorts look like these days. >> i like that transition there. we're definitely talking about snow across the area if you're heading out for skiing. what a wonderful time to do so. let me show you what's going on. we start you out at snow mountain. we had about 16-inches of snow there. as we head into canine valley, 29-inches of snow there. you know what we definitely will take that. 33 out of 39 trails are open. blue dot coming in at 16- inches, 24 out of 34. then we are definitely looking
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at more ski resorts here. ski round top about 16-inches of snow. no new snow at white tail but we have 23 out of 23 snow trails open. why are we talking about skiing, coming up, we'll have that in the forecast. back to you wyatt. >> no snow isn't the city, it's going to be a dry night. we'll see a little snow possibly tomorrow night. but the day looks good for the game. 40 or so here, much colder and much snowier for pittsburgh. looks pretty quiet, 27. and your seven day forecast again, a decent looking three day weekend here. a little colder on mlk monday. then the chance for an icy mix tuesday morning. rosy. >> coming up all brand new at 6:00 is the ravens and steelers prepare to face off in
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pittsburgh. strong safety, troy palomalu deals with a sprain foot. and it's a football lovers fantasy, we'll take you inside the ultimate man cave. those stories and more all coming up at 6:00, now preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. what it takes to be a real life hero. to inspire lots of people, millions of people. to bring hope where it seemed hope was lost. tonight you will see an unforgettable person of the week. tonight on world news with diane sawyer.
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a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. ♪ they must think we're famous! let em. [ female announcer ] whitening without the wait. 3d white whitestrips two hour express, from crest. life opens up when you do. and try 3d white paste and rinse. the family of a 24-year-old
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peace corp. volunteer says agency personnel set her up to be murdered after revealing a man she accused of sexual molesting children in africa. >> reporter: in the african country of the mist. kate cusie was considered the best volunteer for the peace corp.s. someone sneaked up on kate cusie's home and killed her as she slept. >> her throat was slit. >> reporter: kate was the 23rd volunteer to be murdered. for months, the peace corp. would not provide any details of what had happened or why. as if officials were hiding something. >> we miss you sweetheart.
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>> kate died in march and from that day, no more contact with the peace corp. >> reporter: to find out what happened to kate and why we went back to the african village where they still grieve her. >> i cried so many tears. >> reporter: here we found about the secret that authorities thought led to her death. a secret who kate had been told was sexual ly molester the girls in her school. she decided to turn him in. >> you can get the rest of the investigation tonight. stay tuned at 8:00 for super nanny. what would you do at nine, 20/20 at 10:00 and the news at 11:00. our coverage continues on abc news at 6: -- on abc2 news
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at 6:00 which starts right now. stiff competition and a lot on my mind. the ravens are about to go against arched rival pittsburgh. in which so many say will be the most difficult game of the season. jamie costello joins us now. >> reporter: i'm accompanied by scott garceau. ravens made it to town about two hours. scottie you've been with a team forever and ever. what do we do on a night like this when we roll into town. >> it's usually pretty locked up. the players in the hotel, locked up, making sure no one comes into the floor. no incoming call, they used to say but now with cell phones
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you can't control that. >> are you hungry? >> yeah, sure. >> you want a sandwich. watch this. the artist known as mrs. pony is at work. >> these are sober me up sandwich. sober me up sandwich. >> reporter: the sober me up sandwich was first made about 80 years ago where truckers could not double park while dropping things up here in pittsburgh. >> they didn't have time to wait to sit down and have dinner. so they would grab a sandwich and go back to the truck. >> reporter: now customers have been parking their fannies on the seats devouring mrs. pony's stacks. >> i come out several times a year. this is the first place i came. 3.5 hour drive, came in and ate one. >> reporter: your meat


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